Designer Delights

Lest ye think I only write about food and travel, I'd like to take this opportunity to remind you that "epicurean" means all things relating to pleasure. That includes material pleasure, though as Epicurus himself would tell you, everything in moderation. Thus I share with you another recent article from Frontiers in which I profile West Hollywood designer Thomas Schoos. He has designed some of the poshest restaurants in Los Angeles, as well as several celebrity homes and some hotel projects he has in the works.

One of my favorite parts of talking to Schoos and writing this article is his liberal use of metaphors, similes, analogies and plain old comparisons to talk about design. The word "design" is so all-encompassing and abstract, especially to a person like myself who does not usually consciously consider these things and is used to more concrete frames of thought. It can be used to describe everything from a watch face to an airport terminal. That is why it is so helpful to come across a mind like Schoos' who is used to explaining the intricacies, complexities...and yes, vagaries. When he puts design ideas in terms of everyday objects like trees, cars, and even sex (!), they suddenly become relatable, transparent and accessible. I just hope that my article was able to distill his twinkling tone.