Review: Nirvana Beverly Hills

While I was in Europe, my editor at emailed me to say he had booked us for a review dinner at an Indian restaurant in Beverly Hills called Nirvana. Going into my third week of eating only Austrian and Germany food which is, let's just say not-too-spicy, I happily agreed, and marked the date down in my calendar.

We met at the restaurant one evening last week, and were treated to a profusion of gourmet Indian dishes from the new chef there, who hails from a famous restaurant in New Delhi called Bukhara.

Though the restaurant is not new, it used to be much more of a lounge than a dining room. Now that the economy is tanking, though, the owners decided to revamp the image and try to make it into the Indian food destination in Los Angeles. For more on the restaurant, the food, and the experience, check out my review below.