Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Jetsetter: Las Ventanas Al Paraiso

The next Jetsetter post of mine that went up was on one of my all-time favorite resorts in Mexico, Rosewood's Las Ventanas Al Paraiso in Cabo San Lucas (well, between Cabo and San Jose del Cabo).

This resort has been setting the standard for luxury treatment since it opened and not only has a world-class spa and some fantastic restaurants, but stands out for its unparalleled service, gorgeous rooms and, well, paradise-like grounds.

What I love about Jetsetter reviews is that you get to call out singularly special features of each hotel and all the little touches that set them apart, so I hope I did Las Ventanas justice in my review.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

JustLuxe: Buenos Aires' Puertas Cerradas Restaurants

One of the most curious (and coolest) trends I found in Buenos Aires during my month there this spring was the existence of puertas cerradas, so-called "closed-door" restaurants that are sort of like underground supperclubs where chefs invite a select group of diners into their own homes on certain days of the week for gourmet prix-fixe meals.

Puertas cerradas are an excellent way to escape the tourist hordes that descend on the city's better-known restaurants while rubbing elbows with some of the city's well-heeled, in-the-know diners and experiencing authentic (and exciting) contemporary Argentine cuisine from talented young chefs in intimate settings.

I had the opportunity to eat in three different ones during my stay there - everywhere from a palatial Belle Epoque apartment that wouldn't be out of place in Paris, to another that seemed like a cozy artist's garret where the dining room looked through glass doors right into the tiny kitchen.

All were unique, and unforgettable. Read about my top picks (including La Cocina Discreta, Casa Coupage and Casa SaltShaker) and a few additional suggestions in this JustLuxe article.

Friday, May 3, 2013

JustLuxe: Argentina's Emerging Wine Tourism Scene

As you might know, I spent the month of March in Argentina tangoing the streets of Buenos Aires, paddling around Iguazu Falls, and tasting my way through the wine regions of Mendoza near the Andes and Cafayate up near Salta.

I got to try so many interesting and unique wines as well as tour (and stay at) some fantastic hotels, all while taking in the evolution of Argentina's wine tourism industry, which I could compare to my first visit there 5 years ago.

Now there are gorgeous luxury lodges like Cavas Wine Lodge and Entre Cielos, a lot of new developments out in the wild Uco Valley such as the enormous French wine investment property under Michel Rolland's aegis called Clos de los Siete and the baronial Bodegas Salentein, and even Mendoza City itself is looking spruce with new restaurants, luxury hotels and tons of travel outlets and experiences. All in all, it's a great time to visit Mendoza.

Learn more about why, where to go and what to do in my article for JustLuxe.